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The bottle is a completely eco-friendly bottle made of terracotta, jute and cork. The main body of the bottle is made of red clay with a capacity of 1000 ml. We have ensured that the design is a meld of good aesthetics and practicality and have also kept the weight minimal keeping in mind the user’s experience. The bottle is sealed by a t-shaped cap made of Cork. The entire bottle is encased in a jute pouch with extra padding to protect the bottle from damage on impact. There is also a small rope coil at the top of the jute case that makes it easy to carry the bottle (similar to how one carries a lunch-bag). The water inside the bottle is at a perfect temperature that is neither too hot nor cold and will exude an earthy taste while drinking. We hope that, the whole experience with Kandy bottles will increase the joy of drinking water for the user.

Like the smell of the soil when it drizzles?

Well then, you will definitely love the experience of drinking water from these bottles

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